NGSW Support

NGSW Support

Ensure you have everything you need to design your network according to the IPv4/IPv6 addressing standards. Download our advanced NextGen Subnet Widget that’s more than just a subnet calculator.


    • IPv4/IPv6 Addressing
    • IPv4/IPv6 Supernet
    • Network and OSPF Wildcard Mask for Network Admins
    • Binary Bits and subdivide subnets by bits
    • Print ranges or network addresses to PDF
    • Subdivide IPv6 subnets and print to PDP
    • Convert MAC Address to Lin-Local
    • Create IPv6 Unique Local Addresses
    • IPv6 Host Ranges Printed out in PDF
    • IPv4: 6to4 Tunnel Addressing
    • IPv6 Document Prefix
    • Unit Converter – Calculate Cisco TX/RX load utilization
  • File Hashing and compare hashes
  • Diffie Hellman exchange
  • Diff Comparison
  • Ping Tool – Range or by CIDR Notation
  • Strong Password Generator
  • Support subscription

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